Teaching Non Fiction Texts – 20/05/2022

At a time when knowledge in the curriculum is taking centre-stage and many schools are reconsidering the structure and content of their curriculums in all subjects, it is time to let high-quality, non-fiction writing shine.  Ruth will present a packed day which will allow delegates to consider how children’s knowledge and skills can be supported across the curriculum through reading and exploring high-quality non-fiction texts.


During this day we will examine:

  • The nature of non-fiction texts both classic and contemporary
  • How non-fiction has evolved over the years
  • How to select high quality non-fiction texts
  • The place of non-fiction in the English curriculum
  • Using non-fiction to aid writing across the curriculum
  • Teaching strategies and approaches that work well with non-fiction texts

This day is suitable for teachers, and leaders and in particular, those involved in curriculum development and setting the direction of English in their setting.