Reading Framework

The Reading Framework – teaching the foundations of literacy

Recently launched by the DfE, this non-statutory guidance document for teachers and school leaders is aimed at improving the teaching of the foundations of reading in primary schools, by defining pedagogy and best practice.

The Reading Framework aims to:

  • set out some of the research underpinning the importance of talk, stories and systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) in the teaching of reading
  • provide practical support for high-quality teaching, including assessment and the importance of ‘fidelity to the programme’
  • support schools to evaluate their teaching of early reading, especially in Reception and year 1 and identify how to improve provision if weaknesses are found
  • explain the importance of systematic phonics teaching for older pupils who are at risk of failing to learn to read because they cannot decode well enough
  • support schools working with parents to help their children learn to read

Key points are listed at the end of each section to support leaders and teachers audit their current practice.

Further Information:

Reading Framework – Teaching the Foundations of Literacy (additional info for Hubs)