Spelling Beyond Phonics Webinar

This online event will take place on Monday 15th November 2021 - 15:45 - 17:15

While many children took time to read when learning at home, writing seemed to take a back seat, and transcriptional skills in particular are presenting some of the greatest ‘catch-up’ challenges.  Many schools are reporting that, when children are writing independently, their lack of spelling knowledge is becoming a barrier to creative composition. Ruth will share the fundamental principles of how children learn to spell and how we can support children to improve their spelling knowledge so they can write effectively and with confidence.


During this webinar we will examine:

  • Why the English language presents children with so many spelling challenges
  • How children learn to spell and how our teaching should match the children’s spelling preferences
  • The subject knowledge teachers need to teach spelling effectively including etymology, morphology and spelling rules
  • A range of teaching ideas and approaches for teaching spelling


This webinar is  suitable for teachers, and leaders and in particular, those involved in English curriculum development