Teaching Grammar in Context Virtual Workshop

This online workshop will take place on Monday 12th January 2022 - 15:45-17:15

Grammar teaching has been an important strand of the English curriculum for many years now, and many children are able to pass the grammar statutory test with ease; however, the discrete teaching of grammar knowledge will have a limited impact on the quality of children’s reading and writing if it is not taught in the context of a high-quality text.  Teachers must show children the purpose and impact of an author’s grammatical (compositional) choices for them to use their grammar knowledge to improve their writing.


During this webinar we will examine:

  • The grammar knowledge within the national curriculum and the impact of teaching grammar discretely
  • How children’s knowledge of grammar terminology is central to reading and writing lessons
  • How great children’s authors use grammar in creative and purposeful ways
  • Some approaches for how to teach grammar effectively using high-quality texts as a starting point (i.e. in context)


This webinar is  suitable for teachers, and leaders and in particular, those involved in English curriculum development