Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP) Improving Primary Reading Packages

BEP was established in 2013 to unite the whole family of Birmingham schools, to harness collective strengths and to support partnership working. The Birmingham Education Partnership represents the school-led system in the face of shrinking local government.


Improving Primary Reading Packages

In light of the fact there is an increased focus on reading under the new Ofsted Framework which states that “in Primary schools, inspectors will always carry out a deep dive in reading” (Ofsted ‘Inspecting the Curriculum’, published May 2019), BEP have published a suite of Improving Reading Packages on offer which include the very best reading CPD available, and are firmly based on what works to transform classroom practice, from EEF research and BEP evaluation of their SSIF2 Reading Project.

There are two main packages on offer, along with a menu of additional support and training available to all Birmingham Primary Schools, to complement their work on improving reading.

The Core Package comprises two places at each of two outstanding days of training on the key reading skills of inference and vocabulary, plus access to a range of high-quality training and classroom materials.  This Package is ideal for all Primary Schools achieving above national ARE in reading looking to further improve reading, especially at the higher standard.

The Enhanced Package is a comprehensive offer of training and support on improving reading, specifically targeted to support schools achieving below national ARE in reading to improve standards and accelerate progress.  In addition to the full Core offer, schools will benefit from termly bespoke NLE or BLE support, training for the Reading Lead to guide them in disseminating key messages from the reading training and an allocated partner school to share excellent practice and work alongside leaders and practitioners to support further improvement.

If you have any queries about the packages or menu of additional offers for primary schools, or want to discuss any aspects of the offer, please get in touch with Emma Arnott, Manager of BEP City-wide School Improvement Projects.